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Horses are the first tamed animals by humans. And they are also the biggest supporters to human beings. If they were not our best friends we could not go far away and never came across to different places or different geographies. Now their task were taken by machines but stil they have the title as our best friends. Horse riding is the most beautiful sport to be one body, to launch and also rest your soul and your body.


You should take the time to escape from the concreted city and from the stressed work environment. You can discover vineyards , orchards , waterfalls in greenfield while you are riding a horse.


We would like to give a place to your horses in our stud where they would not break away from the nature and give pleasure , warmth and the best care they can have. The grooms care for each one with love and compession in their private boxes


Besides clothes, boots, riding hats and vests that our riders may need at first, all kinds of riding accessories are in our stores included in Konvoy Hotel & The Country Club.

Our other product line is handmade souvenirs, soaps and accessories as well as jams elaborated from fresh fruits grown in our facility, fresh vegetables and variety of fresh herbs.

Ingredients of our product lines are diversified with our guests’ acclaim by our product specialist.

We wish you a pleasant shopping...