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17.11.2014 New Year Gala Dinner

25.9.2014 News from the movie "Hadi İnşallah" Teh wedding scene of the movie "Hadi İnşallah", starring Murat Boz, Büşra Pekin and Cezmi Baskın, has been shot in Konvoy Hotel & The Country Club last month.

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Experience the FEEL of being in different places only in a single location…

Konvoy Hotel & The Country Club, established its roots by the aim of “natural life” by Emirsoy A.Ş in 02.05.2008 in the first “Calm City” titled area of Seferihisar, has served its customers with several activities mainly focused on Professional horse-riding along with the freedom feeling given as a result additionally combining other facilities available in order to ensure the well being of the people that cares about the the quality of life along with the joy it brings.

Konvoy Hotel & The Country Club serves with the idea of nature-friendly and innovative service and formed in a large & single area that contains several sports facilities and social event halls. Accommodation facilities consists of 12 Club & 12 Country rooms, making a total of 24 available, also serving the best local tastes of the country. Konvoy Hotel & The Country Club have the infrastructure that can host domestic and international races and events while giving the chance to the amateur riders take lessons from the experienced and Professional instructors.

Visitors can experience the several rich activities nearby as well, such as field trips, wine-tasting and the organic food bazaar, as the hotel is located very close to the natural and historical beatiues of the area.

Join exclusively and book your place to Konvoy Hotel & Country Club to expreience the feeling of being in different places only in a single location.

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